Eureka Corporate Group


The EUREKA Business School is a fullstream educational program promoted by EUREKA Corporate Group, to contribute effectively to the growth of the global industry. Addressed EUREKA Corporate Group talents, the courses offers a comprehensive deep dive into the world of international business and the chance for the participants to become part of a global network of future leaders.

Eureka Business School


The EUREKA Business School was created in 2015 to give a concrete and innovative support to the development of the industry, promoting an innovative partnership scheme between Eureka Corporate Group and its customers.

Exclusively dedicated to the training of professionals from EUREKA Corporate Group and its customers, the program aims to provide the future leaders of the industry with the leadership and technical skills needed to manage the evolution of a complex and fast-paced market.

Its main goal is to create a global forum based on knowledge-sharing and a shared vision about the future of the international commerce, giving to major industry players the chance to foster their relations and build new synergies.

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